PS4 System Update 3.0.0 is out tomorrow

playstation logoThe next big PS4 system software update, update 3.0.0 (code-named Kenshin), leaves Beta tomorrow and enters the wider community. Here’s what you can expect when it installs;

Events App: A new Events app will be accessible from your home screen. Focusing on the games that you like to play the most it will serve to show a host of activities going on throughout that community as well as showing off official broadcasts. Once you’ve registered for an event you’ll also be able to set your console to turn and launch the game automatically upon the start of an event.

PlayStation Plus Section: Your home screen will now have a section dedicated to PlayStation Plus. In this section you’ll be able to manage your subscription, check what games are free at the time, check what games are on special offer for subscribers and check what PS4 games you’ve redeemed through the Instant Game Collection eliminating the need for maintaining a long list of all the freebies.

Youtube Live: You’ll now be able to LiveStream directly to your Youtube account.

Share Video Clips to Twitter: Using the share button you’ll be able to upload clips of of to 10 seconds in length directly to Twitter.PS Communities

Communities: Any PS4 user will now have the ability to create a new community based around shared interests. These communities will allow members to share screenshots, join parties/games and make use of the community message board. Be on the lookout for a 4-One community soon.

Live from PlayStation: This new feature will be highlighting the most popular videos, broadcasts and screenshots from around the world.

Request Share Play and Broadcast: A minor addition this new request system will allow you to notify a friend that you would like them to Share Play or start a Broadcast without having to use the private messaging system to inform them.

PNG Screenshots: Up until now your screenshots will all have been saved as JPEG but with 3.0.0 you’ll have the option of PNG if you want a better quality image.

Stickers: Get ready for a world of Sticker spam in your messages. From now on you’ll be able to add stickers to your messages. These will include stickers based on popular PlayStation titles like Uncharted and Little Big Planet.PS Groups

Favourite Groups: If you have a large friends list on PlayStation then this final addition will be a blessing. The Favourite Groups option will be added to the Friends App allowing you to group your friends so that you can easily search through them all. Perhaps you’ll have a group of Call of Duty friends and a separate group of Final Fantasy XIV friends and you can easily see who is online and up for a game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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