Prototype duo spotted for PlayStation 4

prototypeYet another remaster has been spotted, heading for the PlayStation 4. This could just as easily come to Xbox One as well, but for now, Trophies have been spotted for Prototype 2, and fans have since spotted a Trophy list for the original open world anti-hero title by Activision.

The original Prototype released in 2009, with the sequel hitting the market in 2012, with both scoring a not-too-bad Metacritic score of 79 between them. Prototype put you into the shoes of Alex Mercer, who woke with no memory of who he was, and having super human abilities and special powers. The game is set in New York, where a virus breaks out and is turning the population into monstrous creatures.

prototype trophy listPrototype 2 saw you playing as new protagonist, James Heller, who wants revenge on the first game’s character, and wants to stop the virus. Trophy listings for the PlayStation 4 version of the game appeared online on June 16th, indicating a remaster would be making its way to the current generation, and it wasn’t long after, that the original game’s Trophy list was spotted too, and posted by

Remasters have been coming about more frequently in this generation, with many gamers feeling like developer’s efforts are slowing down, instead choosing to bring back old games instead of focusing on newer experiences. In defense of remasters, there are some titles that gamers may have missed out on, especially those of the first party variety, if you opted to switch console family (Xbox to PlayStation, PlayStation to Xbox for example). Unfortunately, games like Prototype and Sleeping Dogs were multiplatform, so there is no excuse if you haven’t played them yet, unless you weren’t interested at the time. If that was the case, would you be interested in them now?



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