Prototype Bundle launches on Xbox One in prototype it seems

prototype bundleThis week, the Prototype Biohazard Bundle released on the Xbox One, which includes both Prototype games from last gen’s consoles. Unfortunately, Prototype 2 is reportedly running worse than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version.

“If what we’re looking at is an HD remaster by the numbers, the situation swiftly goes downhill from there”. Benchmarked by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, they found that Prototype 1 suffered from frame dropping when explosions were triggered on screen, The game may look crispier with the 1080p visuals, but like Prototype 2, it only runs at 30 frames, like last gen’s outing. What’s worse, is that the frame rate drops to 20fps during hectic action sequences.

Digital Foundry warn that while the original game is still somewhat playable despite its flaws, it’s Prototype 2 that takes the biscuit. Thankfully, the bundle of games doesn’t state the word ‘Remaster’ in the title, because that would be grounds for suining. “Emerging to Manhattan’s complex of skyscrapers, most of the game’s traversal then unfolds at around 20-25fps with highly intrusive screen-tear. It’s absolutely among the worst performing games on Xbox One to date,” Digital Foundry states in their article about the bundle’s performance.

They report that the cutscenes stutter with choppiness every time the camera angle changes. Imagine… The Xbox 360 version of Prototype 2 was said to be the worst of the two platforms at the time, with screen locking at 20 frames in some scenes, like the city flyover. In the Xbox One version, this frame drop is even lower.

Best advice? Avoid this Prototype bundle like the plague. The bundle will also release on PlayStation 4 on July 22nd, this coming week.

[Source: Digital Foundry]

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  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    Lazy cash grabbing exercise then. Shameful. If they want people to buy into this remaster exercise that’s apparently going on then they need to put in the graft and make it worthwhile.

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