Prototype Biohazard Bundle released on Xbox One

Prototype Biohazard BundleWell here’s a bit of an unexpected surprise for the day, open world games Prototype 1 and 2 have officially hit the Xbox One store having been given a ‘stealth re-launch’. The £39.99 Prototype Biohazard Bundle is now available to download from the Xbox Store, including both games and all DLC previously released on the last generation consoles.

It seems that the bundle will also be making an appearance on PS4 in the near future, given that trophies have made an appearance online in the recent past. At this stage, its unclear whether or not the re-launch has been given the full remastered treatment though it’s likely just a standard re-launch given the studio responsible for development (Radical Entertainment) were hit with significant layoffs following the poor sales of the second game in the series back in 2012. Only a small number of staff were retained to work for Activision.

Following the layoffs, to this day, Radical’s website remained un-updated stating that they’re working on another, incredible project with Prototype Biohazard Bundleanother studio, with new information to follow. Though that was three years ago now and we’re yet to hear any developments. So, back to this Prototype Bundle. Both games are listed as separate entities on the Xbox Store with Prototype being a 7.38GB download, and Prototype 2 being 10.22GB. However can only be purchased as the £39.99 bundle.

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[Source: Eurogamer]

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