Project Sonic announced for 2017

project sonicNot one, but two new Sonic the Hedgehog games were announced today. Just to add confusion when your friend asks ‘did you see the trailer for the new Sonic game?’, you will now have to ask ‘which one?’ While Sonic Mania is aiming to please the retro crowd, Project Sonic is the next 3D adventure for the Blue Blur.

Not much has been said or revealed regarding ‘Project Sonic’, other than a short teaser trailer that features a similar setup to Sonic Generations, in that there are two Sonics yet again fighting Dr Robotnik (or Dr Eggman). Expect a mix between 2D and 3D levels, in what the trailer says is “the darkest of times,” for the world in which Sonic inhabits.

Project Sonic is also coming to consoles on PC in 2017, so expect to hear a bit more before then. What do you think about two Sonic game announcements in one night? Which one are you most excited for, or will you be picking up both?

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