Project Scorpio reveal to come this week?

Project ScorpioOver the weekend, word of mouth spread suggesting that a reveal of Project Scorpio, or the new ‘premium Xbox’ will be coming at some point this week. Some have narrowed it down to this Thursday, April 6th, with a full specs reveal due.

Jez Corden of Windows Central tweeted out on April 1st, a day that’s hard to take anything seriously, saying that the new console will be shown off, or talked about this coming week. However, in the last 14 hours or so, a tweet from the head of Xbox France claims that Scorpio won’t be revealed this week.

On April 1st, Windows Central posted an article to kickstart the rumours saying that “A major gaming outlet recently visited Microsoft to take a look at Project Scorpio’s internals, ahead of a planned exclusive blowout of coverage.” This has been narrowed down to the likelihood of a Digital Foundry/Eurogamer exclusive, talking in detail about the hardware, and potentially some Forza Motorsport 7 news, as that was the game used to show off the system’s capabilities.

In the meantime, we’ll just wait with baited breath and hold out until Thursday to see if any of this comes true. Project Scorpio is due to launch this holiday, promising native 4k resolution, and the most powerful console ever released to the market. Currently, the PlayStation 4 Pro holds that mantle.

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