Project Morpheus could be with us before June next year

Project MorpheusWith the exception to a few snippets of game-play and some minor details, there really isn’t much to know in regards to Sony’s virtual reality headset accessory for the PS4. Sony have already been quoted in saying that Project Morpheus will be made commercially available during the first half of 2016, but up until this point we’ve had no specific release date.

Japanese Newspaper Asahi, having followed up on the information, have now come out and said that it’ll be before June of next year, which is effectively saying same thing using slightly different wording, but it is kind of reassuring to know that the platform holder is still on track. What is worth noting however is that the article in question mentions that Sony are aiming for a global launch, which has taken the internet by surprise seeing as most of the marketing focus has been in the West. As of yet, we’re yet to see anything interesting in terms of software aside from a bizarre schoolgirl studying simulation from Bandai Namco which was announced in 2014. Project MorpheusWe’re hoping to see more at E3 2015 seeing as its just around the corner.

As is usually the case with this kind of thing, nothing is actually set in stone until Sony themselves release anything in the ways of a statement to the press. Project Morpheus is likely to take up a significant portion of Sony’s press conferences in most, if not all up-coming expo’s that play host to this kind of thing, so we’re encouraging people to take this news as a pinch of salt and wait patiently for further news directly from Sony.

In other VR related news, over the weekend Facebook and Oculus released specifications for their VR technology, which is due for release in the first quarter of 2016. These can be viewed here courtesy of Eurogamer.

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