Project CARS officially cancelled on Wii U

Project CARSSlightly Mad Studios have officially confirmed that they have been forced to cancel Project CARS for the Wii U. The news was confirmed exclusively to Nintendo Life after months of trial and error, we previously reported that the studio was struggling and experiencing problems, leaving fans in doubt that the ambitious port would indeed make it over to Nintendo’s new-generation console. This now follows news that the Wii U version would in fact launch later than other versions.

Just weeks ago, shortly before E3 2015, studio head Ian Bell stated that they were indeed struggling with porting Project CARS over to the Wii U, and that the release of the Wii U version was not part of the initial crowd funding pitch. Meaning that funding collected would not go towards funding the Wii U version of the game. He also said however, that the team would continue to work on the title in hopes that Nintendo would announce news of newer, more powerful hardware. Of course that wasn’t the case, and now the project has had to hit the brakes. Project CARS

A recent statement from Bell: “The official line is that we’re awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware. As of now Project CARS is simply too much for the Wii U”.

Frankly after the games difficult birth I don’t really feel surprised that Slightly Mad Studios were unable to bring the game to Wii U. Despite several delays since the game was announced it was still released with a long list of issues that made it difficult to get to grips with on PS4 and Xbox One, the developer was also unable to achieve consistent performance which led me to conclude that the game should never have been put into development without proper, publisher funding. Despite this, Slightly Mad Studios have since announced a sequel that will strain the hardware even further thanks to even more features, which is great when you consider that the first game should have generated enough revenue to boost prospects, but we should all hope that the studio is a little more realistic when it comes to their ambition for Project CARS 2.

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