Project CARS Game of the Year Edition coming soon

project cars game of the yearSlightly Mad Studios have announced that Project CARS Game of the Year Edition will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. As expected, the game will feature all post release content released to-date, along with some exclusive content.

The exclusive content comes in the form of the Pagani car pack which includes the nightmarish Nurburgring combined Nordschieife + GP circuit,  60+ community-created liveries as well as 500+ features and improvements that have been added since launch. Fans who already own the game will be able to access the exclusive content via the OnDemand DLC that has been persistent since the Project CARS’ release last summer.

Project CARS isn’t an easy racer to get into, and many of 4-One’s friends play it religiously. Their advice is play it with a steering wheel if you have one, or at least invest in one for an experience you won’t regret.

Car Packs:
  • Limited Edition Car Pack
  • Modified Car Pack
  • Racing Icons Car Pack
  • Old vs New Car Pack
  • Japanese Car Pack
  • Renault Sports Car Pack
  • US Race Car Pack
Track Packs:
  • Audi Ruapuna Park Track Expansion
  • Aston Martin Track Expansion
  • Classic Lotus Track Expansion
  • Stanceworks Track Expansion
  • Pagani Nurburgring Combined Track Expansion

[Source: Youtube]

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