Project Cars 2 leaked footage emerges

project CARS 2It’s no secret that Slightly Mad Studios are hard at work with the follow up to  their 2015 release, Project Cars. Despite that, nothing much has been shown of the game thus far, save for a logo or a screenshot here and there, but now it looks like someone has dug up some actual footage.

The clip hasn’t officially released, but it looks like the kind of trailer that will feature at an upcoming reveal event, either by Slightly Mad themselves or at this year’s E3. We’ll know in time. The trailer shows the crisp level of detail that the studio has gone into in developing and reaching the levels of detail featured on the included tracks. From weather to water builld-up on the tracks, skidmarks and more. It looks stunning.

The source who shared the link isn’t responsible for uploading the footage, and he refuses to out the Youtuber who shared the footage initially. It is said that Project CARS 2 will feature Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche cars this time around, as well as your general assortment of McLaren, Ford and Mini vehicles.

Project CARS will be available for Xbox One players later in February for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, so you can check out the super serious racing sim for yourself ahead of this game’s release.

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