Pro-gamers admit using drugs at recent E-Sports tournament

Pro-GamersDuring a recent interview, following the conclusion of an Electronic Sports League (ESL) Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Canadian Pro Gamer Kory Friesen, aka Semphis, admitted that during the match, his entire team were on ‘Adderall’ a drug prescribed to sufferers of ADHD and Narcolepsy, which is known for boosting focus and concentration levels of none sufferers. Athletes caught using Adderall face suspension or worse, but is not currently regulated in the world of competitive gaming.

Friesen talked openly about use of the drug throughout the tournament during the Interview, reflected the attitudes of a teenage boy/girl caught smoking at school: “Comms were kinda funny in my opinion, I don’t even care, we were all on Adderall. I don’t even give a fuck, like it’s pretty obvious if you listen to the comms. I don’t know. People can hate it or whatever,” said Friesen when talking about the recent Pro-Gamerstournament. Fellow pro gamer Mohan Govindasamy, aka Launders added his support for the drug: “Everyone does Adderall at ESEA LAN, right? Just throwing that out there for the fans, that’s how ya get good.”

To put this in some perspective, Adderall is a prescription drug that can have serious side effects when not taken properly, yet it has become so widespread within the pro gaming community as an off-label neuro-enhancing drug. Streaming has become a huge part of e-sports attracting young audiences from around the world who idolize those competing as if they’re the celebrities of the modern-day. Therefore it does seem like more should be done to regulate these kind of drugs being used, especially if they truly are ‘performance enhancing’.¬†Other concerns for the mis-use of Adderall has previously been raised in relation to education, whereby college students have used to drug to aid them in their studies and has occasionally been linked with depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, extreme weight loss and insomnia.


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