Preloaded Halo 5: Guardians? You may need to check the file

Halo 5: GuardiansWe’re now officially less than a week away from the launch of what could easily be called, the most important release on the Xbox One so far. The game itself is available to pre-order via the Xbox Store or a participating retailer, for those of you who have decided to go digital, you can pre-download the game files so you can play as soon as it goes live. It’s a great idea that debuted on the new-generation consoles to help save time, that is of course as long as it works.Microsoft have announced that there has been a bit of a technical issue with the file that your console may have pre-downloaded. If you downloaded the game before the date of September 21st then you need to check the file as you may have only downloaded a placeholder file as opposed to the actual game files. It should be relatively easy to fix but will require some input from the users. Just follow these steps to ensure your game will be ready at launch:

  1. Go into the “My Games & Apps” section of your Xbox One’s dashboard and change the filter to “sort by size”Halo 5: Guardians locate the Halo 5: Guardians file and see how many gigabytes of your hard drive it uses.
  2. If the file size is bigger than 40GB then you’re good to go, you haven’t been affected and you don’t need to do anything.
  3. If the file size is smaller than 40GB then you’re going to want to delete the file, it’s useless.
  4. Go back to the dashboard and head into the Xbox Store, select the version of Halo 5: Guardians you’ve previously pre-ordered and hit the big¬†install button. It should now pre-download the necessary files to play the game on October 27th when the game goes live.
  5. Put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea. Sit back at your computer, load up 4-One Gaming and get involved with one or two of the daily discussions we host on the page. (Mandatory step).

Okay so step 5 is actually optional but tea is lovely and so is our community so… Yeah.

Halo 5: Guardians is due to launch exclusively on Xbox One on October 27th. Have you got it on order? Let us know below!


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