Pre-Register for Super Mario Run on Android

super mario runSuper Mario Run released earlier this month on iOS, bringing Nintendo’s famed mascot to other platforms for the first time in the company’s history. It’s a much simpler game of Mario, playable with just one hand, but Android fans have been left out in the winter cold regarding its release. That is about to change.

It turns out that you can now pre-register to play it on Android devices, by visiting the Google Play store. Simply visit the store here on your mobile device, register, and wait. How long do you have to wait? We don’t know yet. It has been two weeks since the game released on the App Store for Apple mobile users, and it is said that Super Mario Run will be available in 2017 on other devices.

Nintendo will be hosting an event in January, revealing more specs and details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, so perhaps we will see the release date of Super Mario Run announced there and then, perhaps even that evening? Time will tell, but in the meantime, get pre-registering!

Are you excited to try it out, or is the $10 asking price too much for a mobile game, in your opinion? You can play the first few levels for free at least!

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