Power Rangers now available for PS4 and Xbox One

power rangers ps4Go go Power Rangers!!!! The Power Rangers are making a comeback this year with a brand new feature length movie, but Saban also have another treat in store, literally.¬†Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, rekindling our childhood!

The game offers a classic looking 2D platform and brawling experience for up to 4 players locally. There ain’t no online co-op, which the gaming community has began complaining about. Understandable in this day and age. Fighting enemies allows you to level up your Ranger and unlock new skills and abilities.

Team up with your friends to perform awesome team-abilities, and fight bosses as the massive Zords! Boss battles in giant form begin with a first person ‘gun gallery’ type shootout, before turning into…a quick time event. You start each level in traditional human form, building up energy to morph into your respective Power Ranger. All characters are present from the 90s show, including Bulk and Skull, and while the white Ranger is also available, a Green Ranger is there as an unlockable.

It might be fun for hardcore Ranger fans but the combat may get monotonous in time. The lack of online co-op does hamper it somewhat as well, but for a quick bit of fun over the weekend, what’s $15 for a bit of a nostalgia trip?

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