Our potential new home planets in Mass Effect Andromeda

mass effect andromedaBioware have released yet another teaser video for Mass Effect Andromeda, which is just two weeks away for aspiring space adventurers. While I personally have been reluctant to watch these gameplay trailers and videos in full, this one is set up as a guide to what’s to come, ahead of your 600 year travel. It’s not really spoiler-y, unless you want to keep the planets’ aesthetic a mystery until your arrival into the Andromeda system.

The video details the potential planets that may play host to our new home. Seven planets are listed, with minimal details regarding the state of the planets being mentioned. All we know is that we need to find a good mix of water, ice, helium-3 and Element Zero in order to begin building our outposts which can house the colonies on board our Nexus ship. The more it the expands, the more people can be awoken from cryosleep to begin their new lives in their new home.

It’s up to us as the Pathfinder to find the most suitable of planets to plant our flag, but of course we will have to do a lot of investigation first. There may already be other cultures living there, which will have to be respected. We can’t just show up and take over the place!

The Nexus arrives into the Andromeda system in 14 or 16 days, for US and European Pathfinders respectively. Mass Effect Andromeda takes us on a new adventure across the stars with a new beginning, unattached from the original trilogy.

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