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pokemon goJust in case you haven’t yet crawled out from under your rock this morning, last night saw the launch of what could easily be called, the most hyped mobile game ever to release. We are of course talking about the incredibly ambitious, eagerly anticipated Pokemon Go, a Pokemon themed AR game for tablet and mobile devices.

Naturally people have flocked into the real world in an attempt to “Catch Em All” and over the last 10-12 hours a lot of information surrounding the game has been released and given it’s only been released in a small handful of major territories, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t relay that information to those of you who are having to wait for the game to be released in your region. So, Pokemon Go, hows it doing so far.Pokemon GO

Well the short answer is incredibly well having received majority positive press from gaming media outlets and key figures in the gaming community i.e. YouTubers, Critics, Developers and Publishers alike. But there are a couple of things you need to be aware of, chief among which does unfortunately cast bad light over the game itself, it takes A LOT of juice. Modern day smartphones aren’t exactly praised for their long-lasting batteries as it is and if you’re one of these people who like to use their expensive devices to their full potential, then you’re going to need to charge it fully at least twice a day to get the most from it, depending on what device you use and what you use it for of course.  However Pokemon GO seems to be one of the most, if not thee most, demanding apps to date with some users reporting 30% drops in battery life from just 20 minutes in-game and battery drain even when their devices are plugged in. Pokemon GO used ‘Life Drain’, it was Super Effective. Pokemon GO

Now, it’s worth noting that the developer Niantic is aware of the problem and is currently in the process of working on a fix but when you consider that Pokemon GO uses Wi-Fi or Data, Location and GPS services and 3D Graphics Processing all at the same time, it’s hard to see how they’re going to fix the issue.

As previously mentioned Pokemon GO is only available in a small number of major regions: Japan, Australia and New Zealand and the US, so really it’s only natural that a few tech heads in the United Kingdom and Europe have found a workaround. However, don’t be so hasty. Following reports that you can download the game wherever you are rumors have emerged that doing so could result in a ban, leading those who did so to delete the game off their devices in fear of never being able to play the game again. One Reddit user issued a warning to people looking to exploit their devices saying that he tried something similar on another Niantic title, Ingress, and received a ban for his efforts.

“Not that anyone will read this, but as an ingress vet, I’ll throw my two cents in: please don’t spoof, or download the APK or register a fake apple ID to get it early for your region,” Niantic used to ban people for drift hacking, and it would be a shame to find many new trainers suddenly being banned. The process to get unbanned is long and arduous, and it’s not worth it.”Pokemon GO

Our advice on this issue would be that while nothing has been confirmed by Niantic or Nintendo, you can never be sure. And regardless of whether you want early access or not we recommend only downloading from trusted sources… And buy a power bank.

Should you wish to learn more about Pokemon GO head over to our post about the game’s debut via this link.

[Source: Eurogamer].


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