Pokken Tournament announced for Wii U

Pokken TournamentJapanese Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament has been announced for Wii U, hitting the console around the world in Spring of 2016.

The Pokemon Company revealed the news on Friday at the Pokemon¬†World Championships in Boston, confirming that the previously Japanese arcades only title would be making its way to Nintendo’s console. Pokken Tournament will be published by Bandai Namco, and sees a selection of your favourite Pokemon characters square off in one on one combat, using their strengths and abilities to overpower their opponent.

pokken tournament gameplayGameplay wise, Pokken Tournament plays and feels a lot like Tekken, considering it was developed by the same developer. Pokken translates to Pokemon Tekken in German, if that distills any doubts you might have. The game released in Japanese arcades in July of this year, and what made it different is that it didn’t make use of arcade sticks. No, instead the machines had built in controllers, making the game more accessible for players of all skill levels and ages. The mechanics are simple enough to allow hardcore and casual players to be able to enjoy the game on a similar level, adding to the fun nature of Pokemon titles.

While it’s unfortunate that the game will be limited to Wii U consoles, it’s still good news to see another Pokemon title hit the shelves in the future. Whether this gets a 3DS port in the future is unknown, but considering the success of Super Smash Bros 3DS, don’t count it out just yet!

[Source: Youtube]

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