Pokévision creator appeals for Niantic to amend Pokémon GO update

pokevision pokemon goSince the most recent Pokémon GO update, fans have been rather angered by the fact that Pokémon trackers no longer work in helping you find local Pokémon. The update seemed to deliberately block them out, and it turns out over 50 million people were taking advantage of the service. Considering the in-game tracker itself stopped working, people wanted a reliable alternative. Now it’s no longer available.

Days later, and Pokévision creator Yang Liu has penned a letter to Niantic. Not as the creator of the app, not as a Pokémon GO fan, but as a life long Pokémon fan.

While I won’t publish the whole letter below as it is very long, I will instead pick out key quotes from it. However I do urge you to take five minutes out of your day to read the full piece, which is truly heart-felt.

“Fast forward 20 years. I’ve barely touched anything Pokemon-related since then. I still have my Pokemon cards, as I’m sure many others do; but I haven’t bothered to take a look at them for quite a while now. Pokemon is something I’ll probably remember forever, but it’s not something that’s actively in my life — because it just doesn’t fit. On top of work, friends, family, etc, there’s just simply no time for Pokemon. It doesn’t mesh with life any more as well as it used to when I was 8. You can’t just bring up the topic of Pokemon and expect people to not give you an odd stare.”

pokemon collector cards

[Since Pokémon Go’s release]

“Admittedly, I was never too excited about Pokemon Go. With that said, I did not have many expectations for it. Pokemon is important to me, but I — like many others — have stuffed it in our little box of childhood things and never looked back.

But when I opened Pokemon Go for the first time, as cheesy as it sounds, it all came back to me. The nostalgia, the good feelings, and the happiness that Pokemon has always brought.

The “Hi, I’m Professor Willow,” “Pick your starter: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle,” everything.

And now I can catch them in real life? At first, I was dubious, but this became the most amazing, yet simple thing I’ve seen in gaming. On social media, I saw that my friends and practically the whole world was talking about Pokemon Go, and the first thing I did was go out for a drive trying to “be the best.”

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“Local stores integrated Pokemon Go in their services within days of the game’s release. Hospitals started praising the health benefits of having Pokemon Go around its patients. People traveled hundreds and thousands of miles just to play it. Players explored parts of their cities that they never knew existed, and befriended strangers on their hunt for Pokemon. These stories of triumph were solely because of Pokemon Go. Pokemon was no longer just a game, it was part of a lifestyle.These stories shouldn’t surprise any of us, we’ve all been there to watch it unfold.”

“Along came Pokevision. We made Pokevision not to “cheat.” We made it so that we can have a temporary relief to the in-game tracker that we were told was broken. John, at SDCC, you said that you guys were working on “fixing the in-game tracker.” This made everyone believe that this was coming sometime soon. We saw Pokevision as a stop gap to this — and we had every intention in closing it down the minute that Pokemon Go’s own tracker restored functionality.”

“Half of the player base of Pokemon Go stopped by — and they didn’t do so to “cheat.” The game was simply too unbearable to play in its current state for many (note: many, not all). The main attraction wasn’t that they got to have an advantage with Pokevision, the main attraction was that it allowed them to play Pokemon Go more. This is what everyone wants — to play Pokemon Go more.

If you made it this far and want to read the letter in full, again, here it is.

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