Pokemon World Championships Massacre prevented

pokemon world championshipsA potential crisis was averted over the weekend in Boston, when local police intercepted two individuals on their way to the Pokemon World Championships, possessing firearms. Social media comments lead law enforcement on the trail, and thankfully, those individuals were stopped in their tracks.

The Pokémon World Championships, held in the Hynes Centre in Boston, Massachusetts hosted hundreds of likeminded Pokemon fans, whether the card game or video games, all eyes on the prize of becoming the respective Pokemon champions and winning a nice sum of cash. Two individuals, James Stumbo (27) and Kevin Norton (18) were to attend the Championship, with an intent beyond competitive gaming.

pokemon threatAccording to The Arcade, the men “took to social media posting threats of violence towards their fellow competitors as well as a photo of their firearms on the boot of a car (pictured)  as they drove from Iowa to Boston gloating about ‘killing the competition’. When Norton was later blocked from the group for bullying behaviour, he responded by saying, “Oh, ok, that’s fine then I will just shoot him on Friday thanks”.

The moderators of the Facebook group informed the Pokemon International Company of the situation, who then informed Boston’s Police Department, who reacted efficiently, and gaining a search warrant, found them in a motel near the event.

“The [Boston Police Department] detectives and collaborating agencies did a great job in the stop and prevention of a potential tragedy,” said commander superintendent Paul Fitzgeraldof the department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis in response to the the swift action of the Boston detectives.

[Source: The Arcade]

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