Pokemon Super Bowl advert made 1 in 10 people cry

pokemon train onDid you guys watch the Super Bowl? Do you remember the Pokemon ‘Train Harder’ advert? It was a fantastic, inspiring advert made to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon since the little monsters first appeared. Apparently it made a lot of people cry, according to statistics.The advert which can be seen in full below created quite an emotional response on Twitter following its broadcasting, and that data was collected by a company called canvs. According to Nintendo Insider, the data discovered that the “advert had generated 11,461 tweets when it aired, calculated that 4,230 had a genuine emotional response to it. From that 36.9 percent share, two-thirds fell into the company’s “love” category while one in 10 responses reportedly saw the user share that they had “cried.” And that’s only what we know from Twitter.

The video has currently been viewed over 24 million times, and that’s just the full length advert. The one shown during the Super Bowl adverts was 30 seconds in length as opposed to 1 minute 10 seconds.  The advert is truly fantastic though, with a bunch of nods to Pokemon that you may not have noticed, or may not have been aware of.

One Youtube commenter by the name of  lists them all in the video’s comments. Did you pick up on these?

  • The guy on the beginning is wearing youngster joey’s outfit
  • RED and BLUE carpets at the beginning
  • The girl has GOLD hair and SILVER eyes
  • The tv says route 12 is blocked
  • The tv says “Kanto”
  • 0:15 it shows a poster with the words “learn to surf HM03”
  • 0:21 Nidoking Chess Piece
  • Another hidden thing is the Pokemon that are thrown out into battle by the other trainer (0:51) are the first Pokemon in the whole commercial that are not gen 1
  • In every pokemon commercial there has to be a pikachu.(1:00)
  • 0:30 Number 20 as in 20 years of Pokemon
  • 0:33 Badge you get from the second to last gym in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow or Green on helmets
  • 0:35 or 0:36 the two jerseys spell out 1996, the year Pokemon debuted in Japan
  • 0:12 for a brief moment there is a Mew painted on the car
  • 0:36 “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!”
  • 0:40 MooMoo Milk on the left, and also rare candy on the right. Yummy 🙂
  • 0:51 Where is the guy’s mega bracelet? Does he have a mega ring? If so who in their right mind would?
  • 0:11 why would he be inspired to run by a Pokemon battle? ( there is fire coming up at 0:07)
  • 0:43 Wearing gloves, like another trainer we know so well.”

Let’s just take another moment out of our day to sing the Pokemon TV theme tune together, shall we?

[Source: Nintendo Insider]

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