Pokemon Sun and Moon officially revealed for 3DS

pokemon sun moonNintendo have revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct that Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch this year on the 3DS. The Pokemon themed Direct also gave further information about the returning Pokemon Red and Blue, in light of their 20th anniversary re-release.

Unfortunately, the two new Pokemon game titles were leaked ahead of their official announcement, but with Nintendo planning a Pokemon focused Direct, it was kind of expected that we’d see a new release. Especially to tie in with the 20th birthday of the franchise. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available worldwide during the holiday period of 2016, available in 9 different languages. Nothing has really been shown of the game during the Direct, but the announcement trailer can be seen below.

Nintendo also revealed that the original Pokemon games, Red, Blue and Yellow will be able to take advantage of the Pokemon Bank app via the Virtual Console. For the first time ever, you will be able to transfer your original monsters, even into the new Sun and Moon games! These will be available tomorrow via the Virtual Console platform.

Gotta catch ’em all, again! Are you ready for another grand adventure?

[Source: Youtube]

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