Pokémon: I Choose You gets a teaser trailer

pikachu pokemon goA new Pokémon animated movie is in the works, with the title of Pokémon: I Choose You. It looks like a bit of an origin story of how Ash and Pikachu came together, kind of like an extensive re-telling of the first episode of the hit TV show.

The movie is being made in celebration of the 20 years of Pokémon which we celebrated this year. The movies are generally big hits in Japan, obviously, but after a year that saw Pokémon GO become the biggest trend throughout the summer months, it could encourage a mainstream release in the US and Europe next summer.

The movie is due to arrive in July of 2017, but with Pokémon GO trailing off for many, will people care about a feature-length movie in 7 months? With the ever-growing popularity of the franchise, and its 20 years of on-going games and merchandise, perhaps it’s another step in breeding a new wave of young fans.

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