Pokémon GO gets new ‘nearby’ update

Pokemon GOPokémon GO has been enjoyed by millions across the globe since its launch last month, but it hasn’t been without its problems. One of the key features wasn’t working properly, which developer Niantic soon removed, much to the aggravation of fans. Now they’re implementing a new ‘nearby’ system in their latest update.

The update helps you find the Pokémon you want, and it will show what Pokémon can be found close to nearby Pokéstops. The feature is now called ‘Sightings’, and will display what creatures are in the local area.

pokemon go nearbyYou can see the new Sightings feature in action below. The new feature also removes duplicate Pokémon so you won’t see 3 or 4 Rattatas hogging your ‘Nearby’ screen going forward. It’s a step in the right direction for Niantic and Pokémon GO, and hopefully this will satisfy players who may have been pissed by the removal of third party Pokémon apps like Pokévision.

Reports say that the system is also much more efficient, for those who have it anyway. The update also brings back the battery saving option, which is also a massive plus. If the update isn’t available for you now, keep calm, as it will arrive in due time.

pokemon go nearby sightings[Source: Kotaku]

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