Pokémon GO’s European invasion officially begins

PokemonPokémon GO released last week, starting in Australia and New Zealand, followed by the United States. While it was possible to download the game elsewhere in the world unofficially, the app that’s taking the world by storm finally landed in Germany yesterday, and now it’s in the UK.

Fans have been desperate to get their hands on an official release of the game, fearing a ban if they downloaded it through APK sites (almost like dodgy movie streaming sites). The Pokémon GO app allows you to create a virtual trainer, and using Google Maps, lets you explore your own location wherever you are in the world, looking to find and capture Pokémon. Can you catch them all?

Taking advantage of Augmented Reality on your phone (if you have it), point your phone’s camera at the Pokémon when you encounter them, and flick your Pokéball at them. The closer the green circle is to the Pokémon, the more chance you have of capturing it and adding it to your Pokédex.

Pokémon GO has now become the biggest mobile app in US history, with just under 21m daily active users as of yesterday, according to Eurogamer. They also note that the previous record was held by Candy Crush Saga at 20 million users.

For the Android version, click here.

For the iOS version, click here.

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