Pokémon Go Christmas Event

pokémon go christmas eventThere are many of us who enjoy an annual Christmas tradition. Some spend it devouring Cadbury selection boxes, some enjoy long walks with the family, while some even go swimming in the sea in the freezing cold. A new tradition may be born this year, involving Pokémon hunting, thanks to Pokémon Go.

Starting on December 25th, yes, Christmas Day, you will have a higher chance of finding a Togepi, Pichu, and “several other recently found Pokemon” from the Johto region, via hatching. To make it even easier, each day over the holidays, you will receive one free incubator on your first daily visit to a Pokéstop. Get them legs moving!

If you have been out of the Pokémon GO loop for some time, you may have missed the news that more Pokémon were added last month, including a festive Pikachu that wears a Santa hat. Who doesn’t want one of those little cute things?!!  However, it is only available until perhaps the end of 2016, so you best go looking for the festive Pikachu as soon as possible.

Go on, get yourself out there again, enjoy a brisk walk with the family or with friends, and catch some more creatures!

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