PlayStation VR “isn’t quite as high-end as” Oculus Rift

oculus riftLast week, the Oculus Rift became available to pre-order, with fans jaw dropped by the higher than announced price point of $599. The kicker with that is that it requires a high-end PC, and those interested may need to spend more to be able to use it. It was then compared to the PlayStation VR.

While there was really no doubt about the different between the two, Palmer Luckey told International Business Times in a recent interview of last week that the PlayStation VR “isn’t quite as high-end as ours — it’s still, I think, a good headset — and the PlayStation 4 is not nearly as powerful as our recommended spec for a PC.”

playstation vrConsidering the Oculus Rift requires a high-end PC, while the PlayStation VR only demands what the PlayStation 4 already offers, isn’t worth arguing over. Surely PlayStation owners who are excited for the VR headset have expected this, so I wouldn’t start sounding disappointed in any way.

Fans still feel angered by the price tag of the Oculus Rift, although Luckey is still adamant that the price is at its bare minimum, while the developer makes no form of profit on its first round of sales. “We’ve said many times we’re not making money off the Rift hardware. What you’re getting for $599 is a lot more than what you’re getting spending $599 on anything else, like a tablet or a television or a phone that costs a fraction of the Rift to manufacture.”

When you buy the Rift, you’re also getting a copy of Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tales, as well as an Xbox One controller, sensor, rift remote, and cables.

[Source: International Business Times]

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