PlayStation VR at Paris Games Week

PlayStation VR updateThis week in Paris, we got a look at what’s happening in 2016 and beyond with PlayStation. One of the highlights was this highlight reel of what PlayStation VR will be bringing us, and you can’t help but wonder if VR is the future of gaming, a nice extension of it, or a phase that will come and go like 3D television.

Whether it’s first person shooters, space combat, action titles or adventurous experiences, the PlayStation VR will have a wealth of games to show off the tech, and bring new ways of enjoying games. The trailer showcases games like RIGS, Eve Valkyrie, The London Heist, The Walk, Battle Zone, Megaton Rainfall, Robinson: The Journey, and more.

PlayStation VR is set to hit shelves in the first half of 2016 and will be priced similar to that of a new console.

[Source: Youtube]

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