Playstation TGS Conference recap!

Playstation TGS 2015 conferenceIn case you don’t know yet,  Sony held the 2015 conference for the Tokyo Game Show, of course this means that there were plenty of game announcements!

I’m not going to waste time with fancy introductions, here’s what Sony showed at their japanese conference.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

One of the first announcements was The Old Hunters, a new expansion for the PS4 game Bloodborne, along with a new trailer. It’s set for release on November 24, at least on Japan, but in the rest of the world we’ll probably get it at the same time. You can watch the trailer straight from the Playstation Youtube channel right here.
Everybody’s Golf for PS4


If Victorian horror is not your thing, Sony also announced a new game in the Everybody’s Golf series, set for release on the PS4 sometime next year. You can watch the trailer (Which features characters similar to the Nintendo Miis or Xbox avatars) right here.


Uncharted 4 Japan release date

uncharted 4 a thief's end

In case any of you is planning to move to Japan early next year, Sony announced that the Uncharted 4 release date there is the same as the rest of the world: March 18th, 2016.


Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush: Remaster for PS4

Sony also announced a sequel to their PS Vita game Gravity Rush, which will be known as Gravity Rush 2 and is set for release next year on the PS4, nothing else is known at the time of writing.

Now in case you need to prepare yourself, Sony announced that a remaster of Gravity Rush is gearing his way towards the PS4, It’s going to arrive in December 10th this year…For Japan, we don’t know when the rest of the world is going to enjoy it, the release is also including all DLC packs that were released for the PS Vita version.

For Honor new hero: The Oni

Ubisoft also had stuff to announce, particularly more information on It’s new game: For Honor, a new multiplayer game where you will play as several kinds of sword-wielding warriors, of course since this is a japanese conference, they had to show a japanese character, this time they introduced the Oni.


Yakuza Remake and Yakuza 6

SEGA announced at the conference that a remake of the first Yakuza game is heading towards PS3 and PS4 systems on January 21st 2016, It’s currently exclusive to Japan but if things go smooth maybe It’ll see the rest of the world too.

Not only that, but Yakuza 6 was also announced as a PS4 exclusive, It’s going to be released on Fall 2016 in Japan, no word on the rest of the world yet though.


King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters XIV has been announced too, It’s set to come out next year for the Playstation 4, It’s currently unclear if it will come to Xbox One and PC, seeing how the last game in the series: King of Fighters XIII, saw a release across all three platforms.


One Piece: Burning Blood

A new game based on the popular anime of the same name has been announced, under the subtitle Burning Blood, It’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita next year and has the look of a fighting game.


Gundam Extreme VS-Force

For fans of the mecha franchise, a new Gundam game was announced for the PS Vita, It’s more of an arcade port than an actual game though, not much info aside of that.


Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2 has been announced for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles, other than a trailer I don’t have a lot of information


World of Final Fantasy

Originally shown back at E3 and quickly overshadowed by the FF7 Remake announcement, Worlds of Final Fantasy is a game that aims to return to Final Fantasy roots while providing a setting and style for all ages, a new trailer has been shown in the conference.


Star Ocean 5


Along with a new trailer, SEGA announced that Star Ocean 5 will be coming out in Februrary 2016, in Japan at least.


Saga Scarlet Grace

A new series in the SaGa universe by Square Enix, Saga Scarlet Gracem is going to release for the PS Vita in 2016, It’s going to be an Open-world, turn-based RPG with heavy focus on story.


Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

No doubt one of the most controversial announcements, Capcom announced a new competitive shooter set in the Resident Evil universe, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, the game is set for release on the PS4 next year.


Danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3 has been announced for the PS4 and the PS Vita, no other details other than that have been shared, the game is coming out in 2016 and will go back to the Visual Novel style.


Dragon Quest Builders

Pretty much Minecraft-meets-Dragon Quest, even though this has more RPG elements.


Project Setsuna


One of Square Enix most mysterious projects, we don’t know a lot other than a Early 2016 release date


Project Morpheus now Playstation VR

Every product whose name starts with “Project” is bound to have a name-change soon, and Morpheus is no different, or should I say Playstation VR?


Playstation 4 price drop in Japan

The final announcement in the conference was that Sony will be dropping the price of the PS4 in Japan by the equivalent of 50 dollars, good news for our japanese readers (If any)!


Well, that was quite a TGS conference, some announcements were excluded from this article because they’ve been already covered by other authors on this site (Like the Assassin’s Creed new DLC or Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix).

So fellow 4-One community members, do any of those announcements interest you? Share your thoughts!

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