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playstation store deal septThis week on the PlayStation Store, celebrate 30 years of Ubisoft games with a massive selection of discounted titles. Whether it’s a Tom Clancy class, or one of the many, many Assassin’s Creed titles, you’ll be sure to find an old favourite or something new to enjoy.

Whether your want to be  leaping across rooftops or lurking in the shadows, repelling down the side of buildings or sneaking through the bush hunting that fiercsome sabre tooth tiger, the PlayStation Store has you covered. There’s a massive selection of game with various discounts of up to 60% The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week this week is the epic sci-fi RPG saga, Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Digital Edition.

There’s a whole host of DLC and season passes on offer too if you want to compliment your existing Ubisoft game library. The discounts apply to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita game formats.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best FPS games on the market today and is great fun to play with friends. Keep this between us too but Rayman Legends is a hidden gem in there too. Find the full list below and let us know if anything  stands out for you?

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3 & Vita

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