PlayStation PSN Account Validation issues abound

playstation networkIt is reported that new PlayStation owners trying to create an account are experiencing issues on the PlayStation Network, leaving them unable to play games, as they don’t have an active profile.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, “While PSN seems to be up and running, new users are facing account validation issues that are preventing them from accessing online services. Sony has acknowledged the problem, and has said that it’s currently investigating. In addition to this, password reset emails are being delayed as well.”

Apparently the issue is still circulating, but hopefully Sony have it sorted out before thousands of new gamers crawl out of bed to get stuck into their games. At least we didn’t have any DDOS attacks this holiday, right guys?!

Have you encountered any other issues that haven’t been mentioned online yet? Either on PlayStation or Xbox? Get in touch if so, and we’ll look into it.

[Source: PlayStation Lifestyle]

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