PlayStation Plus subs to increase in UK & Europe

PlayStation Plus instant game collectionSony have announced that as of September 1st, the price of a PS+ subscription in the UK will increase. This will only affect one month and three month subscriptions, with the annual cost remaining the same. Sony wish to continue investing in the service, and feel an increase in cost is necessary.

A Sony spokesperson said “We are dedicated to bringing PlayStation Plus members the best possible service with the most compelling content. From 1st September 2015 we will be increasing the price of monthly and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions in line with market conditions. We will continue to invest in PS Plus to ensure an unparalleled experience, featuring the best quality games and features.”

At this moment in time, no updated pricing has been stated, but today, if you want to buy a subscription in the UK, you’re looking at £5.49 for one month, and £11.99 for three months of PlayStation Plus. The annual price is £39.99, which won’t be affected. On Xbox, one month of Gold costs £5.99, while three months costs £14.99. Could we see a similar pricing from Sony?

There’s still no doubting the effectiveness and usefulness of the paid-for service, with monthly free games and weekly discounts, not to mention the ability to play and talk online with your friends on your favourite games.

[Source: MCV]

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