PlayStation Plus members will soon get to choose their monthly freebie

PlayStationIt looks as though Sony want to give their PlayStation Plus members a choice when it comes to the future of the PS+ monthly free game. A trailer on the ‘What’s New’ section of the PlayStation 4 Dashboard confirms that a new feature will soon be introduced to the PS4 allowing users to participate in a voting system, that will determine which of 3 titles will become subject of one of PlayStation Plus’ more desirable schemes. The winner of each months’ vote, will be added to the Instant Game Collection. 

Choice is always good, it allows people to feel more control so it truly is great to see Sony introducing such a feature, from the look of the trailer itself it seems that the functionality of the voting system will be built right into the PS4’s user interface, prompting people to cast their vote whenever it becomes available. A bar chart will also display a real – time progression of votes, allowing people to effectively cast their votes without wasting it. If only Government elections were so simple. The trailer features Zombie Vikings, Armello and Grow Home.PlayStation

The losers of the voting system won’t go unnoticed either and will still be available on the PlayStation Store becoming the subject of discounts for all PlayStation Plus members. So even if the game you want doesn’t get added to the Instant Games Collection, it’ll still get some of the PS+ treatment.

It is expected that Sony will be revealing more about the feature in the near future so we’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground, even so, this is a pretty cool little announcement for PS4 owners. It’ll be very interesting to see what the community chooses each month and will also allow Sony to monitor the votes allowing them to better tailor PS+ for their members.

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