PlayStation Now offering a 1 year subscription

PlayStation NowPlayStation Now launched earlier this year in various territories, and while criticised for varying reasons, it does offer a worthwhile service if your internet speed is up to par. However, fans have found the biggest concerns with the pricing schemes, and Sony have been toying with different models since its release. Now there’s a one year subscription offer on the table.

Initially offering individual games for a price per number of days, the PlayStation Now service then switched to $19.99 for one month or $44.99 for three. This makes the whole service more cost effective, especially if you have fast download speeds to access and play more games within that time period.

Sony have now announced a one year pricing scheme, equating to $99.99. This in turn may seem more hefty, but it works out at $8 a month, which is very much in line with what Netflix offers its users. The only downside to this however, is that it doesn’t include your annual subscriptions to PlayStation Plus, nor does it discount your subscription cost for being with PlayStation Plus. Another point worth noting is that this offer will only be available for a ‘limited time’, unfortunately. With us knee deep in Christmas festivities and spending, having the time and money available to take advantage of a limited-timed deal right now is difficult, and hopefully it’s not limited to this month only.

playstation nowPlayStation Now could also serve as a fantastic Christmas present for anyone new to PlayStation, as it allows PS4 owners to stream PS3 games they may have missed out on, such as The Last of Us and Uncharted. The Batman Arkham trilogy is also coming this week, increasing the library of games available to rent and play. Even if you have a Vita, this service can be enjoyed considerably. So, are you tempted?

[Source: The Verge]

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