PlayStation Forever, 4ever rumours

PlayStation 4 playstation foreverWith the PlayStation Meeting taking place later today in New York, the rumour mill is in overdrive as leaks, fake stories and teasing imagery surface across all fronts. Of course, we could just wait for the big reveal at 3PM EST, but with all the rumours floating about, it’s certainly worth talking about ahead of time.

With the PlayStation Slim practically guaranteed to make a showing, considering that we’ve all seen the images, the unboxing, and proof of its existence, it’s about time Sony actually officially announced the bloody thing. It doesn’t like like it will do much, other than offer the same experience as a PlayStation 4, but being smaller and most likely cheaper.

The highlight of the show will surely be the PlayStation Neo, or whatever it will be named this afternoon. A new rumour suggests it will be called the PlayStation Forever, or ‘4ever’ as I like to imagine the marketing opportunity.

playstation 4 slim

An image has surfaced, claiming its name and a list of features of which stating it’s the most powerful console ever. Other claims made in the image state that it will outfit all games, movies and so forth in 4K, which is quickly becoming the latest trend in consoles, starting with the Xbox One S. Although that only focuses on video playback, not games themselves.

PlayStation Plus is said to be free with the PlayStation Forever Edition, so upgrading to the ‘Neo’ or ‘Forever’ (or ‘4ever’) will grant you a free subscription. Another interesting point is that the console will be fully upgradeable. You will be able to turn your PlayStation 4 Forever Edition into a PC, basically.

PlayStation 4 Forever

However, the above image has a few telling signs of it being fake. The alignment of the numbered points look a bit off. ‘Baked-in’ doesn’t sound like a marketing term that Sony or any other corporation would use, and ‘Ram’ should be written as RAM, really.

Then there’s that rumour about a Red Dead Redemption Remaster being unveiled at the show… It’s all pretty interesting stuff, but we will certainly know for sure this afternoon, or evening, in Europe.

Watch the PlayStation Meeting here at 3pm EST, or 7pm UTC, 8pm BST.

[Source: GamingRespawn]

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