PlayStation Black Friday sales begin next week

playstation black fridayWhile the Xbox Black Friday sales kicked off on the Friday just gone, it looks like PlayStation owners will have to wait a few more days before whipping out their credit cards. Sony has confirmed that a PlayStation Black Friday sale will indeed kick off, but not until next week.

Along with a teasing trailer, Sony states that the PlayStation Black Friday sale will kick off on Thursday, in Europe. Will it be sooner in the US? Who knows? Either way, ‘play it cool’ this Black Friday, and you may as well stay in doors and download all your games digitally, or through Amazon.

You can sign up on the PlayStation website to ensure you’re one of the first to know what’s being discounted, with promises of up to 60% off select titles. What have you got on your shortlist that you’re hoping to grab? Let’s hope PlayStation users get a chance to pick up Titanfall 2 at a good price. That right there is a potential Game of the Year winner right there. Or Battlefield 1. Can’t go wrong with a game like that!

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