PlayStation 4 Slim proves to be real

playstation 4 slim leakYesterday, images of a PlayStation 4 Slim console hit the internet after popping up in an online auction. People weren’t sure if it was legit, and many of course took it as fake until official confirmation came about. With Sony lining up a supposed PlayStation Neo announcement in September, will we also see a new slim console to rival the Xbox One S?

Eurogamer posted a video recorded by Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter who actually took it upon himself to go visit the person who bought the console online, and in the video, you can see the console booting up. There are some pictures of the console to follow too.

September 7th is the date of the upcoming PlayStation event in New York, where this console should be getting a proper announcement, if not before that now, following the leak. The event will be livestreamed and we’ll make sure to update you with a link to it when its time has come.

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