PlayStation 4 sales reach new peak during Black Friday sales

Sony playstation 4 ps4Black Friday is over and done with, and while many of us gamers benefited greatly from huge discounts on games, consoles, pcs and other tech, manufacturers succeeded in getting more of their goods into your homes. That’s the first step for them, and the fantastic deals definitely contributed to that. Sony appeared to benefit most with sales of the PlayStation 4.

Sony have a lot to be thankful for last week, with the week long sales rush resulting in thousands more new PlayStation 4 owners signing up for a generation of gaming with the company. According to GamesIndustry reports, PlayStation 4 hardware sales were up to over 140,000 units for the week ending November 26th in the UK alone.

Each week we detail the top 20 game sales charts in the UK, and it was the same source that claimed Sony had the best week of sales outside of the actual console launch week. Bigger than previous Christmas holidays since its launch in 2013. Not bad going. You can see the impact these console sales have had, with the likes of Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank and Driveclub jumping up in the charts.

The Xbox One managed to shift just 50,000 units last week, but even still, that’s 50,000 new customers or more, depending on who will be making use of the console. A lot of customers will surely be those wanting access to both, or multiple platforms.

Xbox One S

While this news will definitely please the manufacturers for both consoles, it also benefits us, the gamers, knowing that the console and gaming marketplace is healthy, and we can look forward to more money for more games to be made. Hurrah!

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