PlayStation 4 firmware patch v4.05 rolling out

PlayStation 4 playstation foreverA new update is rolling out to PlayStation 4 owners today, which hasn’t been detailed by Sony. However, the patch claims to enhance ‘quality’ on the firmware front, so there’s no arguing about that. The patch is only a meager 312.1mb so it shouldn’t take long before you’re up and running again.

You will need to install the patch before you play, so do so when you first turn on and let it run while you make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee. Maybe you’re hungry, so why not grab a few ingredients and make a tasty sandwich. Perhaps go one further, and toast it?

The firmware update is v4.05, and again, will require 312.1mb of space to install. Then you can get back to what you were planning to do.

So there you go. Tell us, have you made that sandwich yet? Was it nice?

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