Playdead’s Inside is coming to PlayStation 4 soon

insidePlaydead’s Inside finally released on Xbox One and Steam back in June/July after about 6 years of development. From the studio who brought us the excellent Limbo, Inside is a masterpiece, and the high praise across the globe is not an exaggeration. Now it looks set to arrive on PlayStation 4, very soon.

What was initially a console exclusive release on Xbox One, the exclusivity is rather short-lived, but I am not complaining. Inside is such an amazing title, and I want others to be able to experience its fantastic visual style, its beautiful, scary audio and all the other aspects I don’t want to talk about.

Rumours first broke this morning when a Trophy listing for the Game of the Year contender appeared on Exophase, which also proved correct in listing the Dead Rising remaster Trophies. A source came forth and confirmed that Inside is indeed on its way to PlayStation 4, with a release penned for the end of August.

On Xbox One, you can pick up Inside for $20/€20 so expect a similar price point on PS4. This is one for your library, trust me. It is a 2D puzzle-platformer which is best played in the dark, with the sound turned up. The control layout is a simplistic jump and ‘grab’ button, which can pull, push, and open objects in the levels.


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