Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free this weekend on Steam

XCOMStarting today and until 10am PT on Sunday, September 13, Steam players have the opportunity to defend humanity from Sectoids and Chryssalids and play the 2012 Game of the Year award-winning strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free on Steam.

Additionally, players who participate in Steam’s free-to-play weekend have until 10am PT on Sunday, September 13 to purchase the game at 75% off and retain their saved progress. All post-release content for XCOM: Enemy Unknown will also be discounted up to 75% this weekend, along with additional discounts on available bundles.

xcom gameplayNot only that, but for this weekend only, you can pre-purchase XCOM 2 for $59.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 / AU$89.95 at available retailers. Pre-ordering the game will grand you access to the Resistance Warrior Pack, which will offer additional soldier customization options.

In regards to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, if you haven’t played it yet, you have no excuse. It won’t be easy, it won’t be filled with happy memories, but it will be challenging, rewarding, satisfying and above all else, fun. Played from a top-down isometric view, move your soldiers into battle using turn-based gameplay mechanics. Position them, place them on overwatch, breach doors, surround your enemies, and collect valuable alien resources to help research and improve your gear and weaponry. Level up your soldiers to unlock new abilities and equip them with better arsenal, as the enemies will get bigger, tougher and more dangerous.


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