Play Flappy Bird on the go, on your vaping mod

flappy bird ecigaratteE-smoke or ‘vapers’ come under some stick these days, don’t they? It’s almost as bad as the ‘I’m vegan’ joke that can be found all over the internet. Not all vapers parade around, flaunting their kit though. No more than a smoker goes about their habit. One vaper in particular though, decided to take his vaping to the next level…

Using a Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini mod, a Youtuber called Balázs Bank managed to play around with the Firmware of his battery and install a mini version of 2014’s uber popular Flappy Bird on it. Using the volume up/down buttons, this allows the user to control the bird and navigate the level.

The SDK download can be found here, and like Mr Bank says in his disclaimer on the the video upload, ” Flash this firmware at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility for damaging your device.” Likewise, I just thought I’d share this with the community as it’s certainly interesting. While you would need to flash the Firmware to return to vaping, an option to choose between vaping and gaming on the go will surely be the next step, and would be a helpful time killer while waiting for or commuting on the bus.

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