Play Call of Duty with your Black Hops III beer

call-of-duty-black-hops-beerYou’ve had a long day at the office, and you long for a few hours on the couch, with your friends online, playing Black Ops III. What’s missing? Ah, some beer! Why not pick up a few bottles of officially licensed ‘Black Hops III’?

A few Aussie lads have partnered with the biggest entertainment brand in the world and created the world’s first Call of Duty Craft Beer, Call of Duty: Black Hops III. Unfortunately, it’s only a limited releasing beer, but you can pick it up from some bars around Australia, with a full list of bars listed below. It is also available to buy via BeerBud. It certainly has more appeal with its name than ‘Fallout Beer‘, released earlier by Carlsberg. Still, Black Hops III is still a bit pricey at $24 for 6 bottles. Maybe that’s the going rate in Australia for beer?

black hops III

Where to drink Black Hops beer

Available Now or soon (last updated 9 Oct 2015)

Beach House

Gold Coast Pale Ale

Free the Hops Session IPA

I Heart Lager (4 Hearts Collab IBL)

Coming Soon: Pink Mist (Raspberry Saison), Free the Hops Session IPA, Gold Coast Pale Ale & Beach House.

These bars have stocked our beer


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