Plague Inc. on PC Brings Multiplayer Global Epidemics

Plague IncIs it your dream to be an evil scientist who’s goal is to wipe out all humanity? Well Plague Inc. allows you to do just that, but now against your friends!

Ndemic Creations new mode for Plague Inc. puts players against one another, competing for domination. While aggressively trying to spread your own disease you must attempt to stop the spread of your rival, with all new evolutions and abilities to help you out.

“Players get all new evolutions, abilities and genes to help them in their struggle for dominance as well as slowing their opponent,” said creator James Vaughan. “Single player was just the start of the outbreak.”

Originally released in 2012, Plague Inc. is a game where you must create a pathogen and evolve it to the point where it kills off the entire human race. There’s a huge amount of pathogens to chose from and how you go about spreading and killing people is up to you.

Plague Inc. has grown massively over the years on mobile and PC, recently releasing on Xbox One too. There are no plans to bring multiplayer to mobile, but James Vaughan says that an Xbox One version of the mode is possible, so keep an eye out on news regarding that.

[Source: Polygon]

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