Pick up Elite Dangerous on Xbox One today

elite dangerous horizonsToday’s daily Xbox Countdown deal features Elite Dangerous, a space sim which already popular, became more notable following the release of competitor, No Man’s Sky. Elite Dangerous will make its way to PlayStation 4 in 2017, which is fantastic news for everyone (bar Sean Murray), but it’s not a game that everyone would enjoy. It takes time, it takes patience, but it is entirely worth it.

Today, you can pick it up for a very reasonable price, and if you already have it and don’t have the Horizons expansion pass, that is also discounted.

This year, we covered Elite Dangerous in great detail, with Rob offering a lot of advice and support via numerous guides. I will link to them below the trailer. Elite Dangerous is very much a Euro Truck Simulator game set in space. Or, if you wish to imagine it, you are your own Han Solo floating through space, doing trading missions, hunting down pirates for bounties, all while upgrading or buying new ships. Explore the galaxy and try reach the centre of it. It won’t send you back to the outskirts of the universe when you get there, either.

The Horizons expansion lets you explore planet surfaces, meet the elusive Engineers, craft new technologies and pilot a second ship into every firefight. It also allows for passenger transport missions, so you can take regular or VIP passengers to their designated destinations. Commercial airline simulator so? A future update will allow multiple players to man the same ship, Star Trek style, and will let you customize the look of your pilot. It will also add a new outpost in memory of Carrie Fisher, which you can read about here.

If you decide to pick up the game and need some help getting started, here are Rob’s helpful guides:

Controls and the HUD

Outfitting your Ship



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