Phil Spencer reacts to angered Quantum Break fans

Quantum BreakYesterday, Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment announced a release date for their upcoming title Quantum Break. However, it was also revealed that the Xbox One exclusive would also launch on Windows 10 simultaneously. To some, that news was very welcome, and to others that news was like sh*t hitting the fan.

I will start by saying that I can see both sides of the argument, and will explain it below. The thing is, it gives more players an opportunity to play Quantum Break and experience it. It’s what we here at 4-One want from gaming, a chance for everyone to play all the games. Even if it went to PlayStation 4 or Wii U, it wouldn’t bother me, because I would still be playing it either way. If it meant being able to talk about it with more friends, I’d be happy. Perhaps the sales figures of Rise of the Tomb Raider were enough for Microsoft to see that it needed to ship more copies? Anyway, Phil’s reaction to an upset fan is below.

Then there’s the point of why this is a negative thing, which is entirely understandable. Exclusive titles make up the platform’s unique selling point (USP), and if Microsoft start releasing future Xbox One exclusives on Windows 10, what makes the console any more attractive? I have my friends there, my massive library of games, and the console is certainly more affordable without the requirement of graphics card upgrades and sound cards.  It does also mean that those interesting in the game on Xbox One might not buy one now, if they can just play Quantum Break and others on their PCs.

If Quantum Break sells extremely well, then all the better for Remedy. They can continue to finance new projects and bring us more games. Gamers complaining about exclusivity to defend their own platform loyalty is ludicrous, and they need to find something else more important to complain about. This is a hobby, a passion, a pastime. I love my gaming, and I’m not a fan of exclusive titles to begin with. I play primarily on Xbox platforms and next week, I will be missing out on Street Fighter V for the whole console generation. That’s worse than a one year timed exclusive, without doubt. For a series I grew up with to be taken away from me, is just wrong.

There’s also the minor thing about the Quantum Break tv show that’s in the works. If the show only appeals to those playing the game, there needs to be a lot of people playing the game. Wouldn’t you agree?

[Source: Twitter, Eurogamer]

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