Phil Spencer Has Logged Impressive 340+ Hours into Destiny

phil-spencer e3 2013Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is a very busy man, and likely does not have much free-time to play games, but that hasn’t stopped him from logging over 340 hours of playtime into Destiny.

Mike Ybarra, another Xbox Executive, shared a screenshot of Phil Spencers player profile showing the Xbox Bosses progress in the Bungie title, which is well above the average players 100 hour average.

It is highly impressive that Spencer is able to put that time into a game considering his schedule, not only as head of Xbox but with all the travelling too. In the last two weeks alone he has been to Gamescom and China,

According to his profile, Spencers most played character is a Level 34 Awoken Male Titan. He also has a Level 13 Exo Male Hunter.

It is great to see that Spencer always trys to make some time playing the games he loves. No doubt he has an Xbox One in his office so he can spend any free time he has to boost those stats a bit more.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you a Destiny player? How many hours have you put in and what characters do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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