Phantom Squad threatens with shutting down PSN and Xbox Live this Christmas

Playstation NetworkWe’re approaching Christmas, possibly the warmest time of the year. Hot Chocolate, watching Home Alone, attempting to socialize with the family for once. And of course the most important part, unwrapping that brand new console so you can start playing all day long. Be it a single player game like The Witcher 3 or MGS V, or a online game such as Battlefront or Black Ops III.

If you’re planning on asking for (Or giving your kids) an Xbox One or a PS4 though, you might want to be careful. Last year a group of script kiddies hackers known as “Lizard Squad” decided it would be fun to launch a DDoS attack against both Sony and Microsoft online gaming services, effectively rendering their services useless to anyone who wanted to start December 25th with a online gaming marathon (Or happened to have a redeemable code included with their console). 12 months later, the services are back up and running, and various LS members responsible for said attack were even arrested. However, if you think it was the last time someone would attempt such a stunt, boy you are wrong.

Another script kiddie hacker group known as “Phantom Squad” (Not related to Lizard Squad in any way) has decided to send a series of warnings on Twitter regarding future attacks to both Microsoft and Sony  online infrastructure, the group also admits to supposedly being the culprit of previous attacks on the Playstation Network, Reddit and even the Black Ops servers (Despite Reddit claiming that the downtime they suffered was because of database problems and several Twitter users calling out the attack on the Black Ops II and III servers as bold faced lies, this according to an article on the same subject published by Techraptor).

The reason behind said attacks seem to be in protest to how much money do both console companies invest in their online security infrastructure.

While there’s no way to guarantee if such threats are credible (After all, their name gives the impression of a copycat wannabe group), let’s remember that last year, both the PSN and Xbox Live did indeed go offline because of a DDoS attack, of which Lizard Squad took responsibility. So if you’re planning on playing online this Christmas Eve, or if you’re planning to start using your new console around that date, I suggest you download the updates a few days beforehand, better safe than sorry!

So what do you think 4-One gaming?  Will you take precautions in case of another holiday DDoS attack at PSN/Xbox Live? Or do you think this “Phantom Squad” can’t be taken seriously? Do you agree with them in regards to how Sony or Microsoft invest in their network security? Or do you think that the end doesn’t justify the means? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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