Pewdiepie receives personalised PlayStation 4 birthday controller

pewdiepie padYoutube’s biggest star received a nice little gift from Sony last week in the form of a PlayStation birthday cake. Felix Kjellberg, best known the world over as ‘Pewdiepie’ celebreated his 26th birthday on October 24th, and what was in the cake was a surprise to him.

“I went for a late snack, but found a treasure! Thanks for this brilliant gift @PlayStation,” he said, upon finding the customised Dualshock PlayStation 4 controller. You can see the controller below in detail.

playstation cakePublicity can go a long way, and with someone like Pewdiepie advertising his gifts all over Youtube and Twitter, Sony’s console and good will gesture will certainly be seen all around the world, helping it to further dominate the current console generation. What wasn’t stated though, was if the cake was actually edible. Maybe he just wanted cake…

Earlier this month, on October 20th, Pewdiepie published his first book, ‘This Book Loves You’. “This Book Loves You is a collection of beautifully illustrated inspirational sayings written by PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTuber in the world with 39 million fans and more than 10 billion views. In This Book Loves You, PewDiePie delivers advice and wisdom that everyone can use–or at least everyone willing to give up and stop caring. If all else fails, remember: “Don’t be yourself. Be a pizza. Everyone loves pizza.”

pewdiepie pad

[Source: Gamespot]

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