PewDiePie doesn’t like overeager fans

PewdiepieCelebrity life, fast cars, big houses, beautiful women and overeager fans. Well it doesn’t seem like theres any exception for the rules when it comes to celebrities in the gaming world either, as Pewdiepie will tell you. YouTube’s golden boy has recently came out in a video and told the world that he’s tired of having to deal with overeager fans attending his home address, despite having moved several times over the years he’s been famous.

You’d think people of the modern world were a little more reserved right? I mean, turning up to someones house, that’s just plain creepy, regardless of where their place is in society. But no, apparently not, and going by what the Internet star is saying, it’s not just one or two isolated incidents.

I’ve had people yell outside my house. I’ve had school classes come outside. Just because you’ve found my address doesn’t mean you’ve found an invitation to come over.” 

It may seem at first like Pewdiepie is being somewhat ungrateful to his fans, and there’s a lot of comments online that suggest there’s at least some people who feel the same, but at the end of the day Pewdiepie is entitled to privacy especially in his own home. And while it’s likely he has security in place in his home, people should act more accordingly with whats socially acceptable.

Personally, I feel that YouTubers are MORE at risk from this kind of behavior than that of mainstream celebrities because their fans engage more with them more and get to know their personalities. I also find it very unlikely that their stardom is treat the same by local authorities.

The lesson here is that while Pewdiepie and all YouTubers for that matter love their fans, they love their privacy. So don’t be weird…

Besides he has dogs.

[Source: Kotaku].

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