PewDiePie apologises for latest actions, targets Wall Street Journal

pewdiepie apologyOver the past week, Felix Kjellberg. best know around the world as the infamous PewDiePie has been all over gaming news for recent actions involving paying two lads to hold up a sign saying “Death to all Jews.” It was all done in jest, but the joke came back to bite him in the ass, considering how big his following is, he wasn’t going to escape this one.

However, particular corners of the industry imposed a ‘character assassination’ as he calls it, and he puts the blame on the Wall Street Journal. He believes that old school media just doesn’t ‘get’ modern internet media such as Youtubers and bloggers, and that they are more concerned or interested in the money he makes, ‘just for playing games’.

PewDiePie is proud of the work he has done, and while a lot of people online bemoan the sight of him, or his actions on screen or his shouting, his videos manage to pull in 3-4 million views in a matter of days, numbers than many enthusiastic, active vloggers can only dream of. I’m not a huge fan of the guy by any means, but I can definitely admit that I respect Felix and what he has accomplished.

Going back to the Wall Street Journal mention, he claims that they have filtered through his previous videos to find 9 anti-semitic messages in his work, which he finds absurd. PewDiePie does apologise for his actions, claiming he likes to try push boundaries. When you make so many successful videos, you always strive to try something new to entertain your fan base.But to screenshot him with his arm raised, calling him a Nazi is a bit over the top.

You can see the segment that started it all, below. Tell me you don’t see the face of guilt in his face as the message is unrolled on screen. He knew he done f**ked up!

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